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The year is 2077. Los Angeles is over-crowded, overcome by territorial gang warfare and overwhelmed by climate change. In the midst of all the chaos lies a little piece of serenity, known to Sector 4 locals and replicants and Blade Runners as the NEXUS lounge.


In Los Angeles, replicants have become a big problem (and big business). From violent NEXUS-1 gangs to underground replicant communities who drive the illegal black markets for human enhancements known as "REP-TEK", Los Angeles is a rain-soaked neon-lit mess. In the centre of it all, in notorious Sector 4, lies the NEXUS lounge. Opened in 2036 by Cal Moreau (founder of the Blade Runner unit) and then retired LAPD officer, his bar became known as a replicant safe space and a regular rest stop for hunt-weary Blade Runners. But NEXUS holds many secrets just under its surface! Will you find them? Will you help the replicants gain their freedom?


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