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Dress for the year 2077!

Let's just start by saying, costumes are NOT mandatory! But wearing costumes can really help you immerse yourself in the world we have created, and trust us, it's a lot easier than you think to create a cool futuristic look. We ask that you try to avoid wearing recognizable costumes from movies like Star Wars, Mad Max, Star Trek etc... Our goal is to suspend disbelief for the night and imagine how you would dress if the year was 2077 and you were going out for a night in Sector 4! Originality is key.

Start simple!

It really doesn't take much to get a cool futuristic look. A cool jacket with interesting pattern, unique fabric or colours, a modern looking pair of glasses with tinted lenses, a jumpsuit (just add some sci-fi patches to make it more interesting), maybe even a mask or a headpiece. Below are some links to non-affiliated brands that have cool futuristic basics to get your started.

dustrial logo.png

Expand the universe!

The Blade Runner universe is massive, but there's always room for even more creativity. Whether you paint your NEXUS gang symbol on your jacket, add some REP-TEK to your body or come up with something even more wild... it all helps sell the idea of a night, in a lounge, deep in the heart of Sector 4 in the year 2077.


This event is located in the heart of downtown Oshawa. DO NOT BRING ANY WEAPONS TO THE EVENT! We know it can be VERY tempting to want to bring a cool gun or futuristic sword... but please, don't! The police are always on high alert in the year 2077, and we do not want any incidents!

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